Windscribe VPN App-Features, Pricing Plan, and Download

Windscribe VPN App is a cybersecurity tool that protects your privacy and security online. It does this by encrypting your data and routing your traffic through its servers, which hides your IP address.

This makes it difficult for hackers, ISPs, and governments to track your online activity or collect your personal information.

Windscribe VPN App Features

Windscribe VPN App offers a number of features that make it a good choice for users. These features include:

1. Strong encryption

Windscribe VPN uses strong encryption to protect your data from prying eyes. This includes 256-bit AES encryption, which is considered to be unbreakable.

2. No-logging policy

Windscribe VPN does not log your browsing activity or any other data that could be used to identify you. In other words, even if the VPN is hacked, your privacy is still secured.

3. Multiple protocols

This VPN supports a variety of VPN protocols, including OpenVPN, WireGuard, and IKEv2. This gives you flexibility in choosing the protocol that best meets your needs.

4. Global server network

Windscribe VPN app has a global server network with over 63 countries and 110 data centers. This means that you can connect to a server in any part of the world, no matter where you are located.

5. Killswitch

This ensures that your internet connection is always encrypted, even if the VPN connection drops.

Features of Windscribe VPN

Windscribe VPN Pricing Plans

Windscribe VPN offers a free plan that includes up to 10GB of data per month. This plan includes all of the basic features of Windscribe, such as encryption, security, and unblocking geo-restricted content.

Free$010GB of data per month, encryption, security, unblocking geo-restricted content
Pro$9/monthUnlimited data, unlimited connections, access to servers in over 63 countries

Windscribe VPN App Advantages

1. Secure

Windscribe VPN uses strong encryption to protect your data.

2. Private

Windscribe has a strict no-logging policy, so your privacy is protected.

3. Easy to use

This VPN is easy to set up and use, even for beginners.

4. Affordable

The free plan is a great option for casual users, and the Pro plan is a good value for power users.

Windscribe VPN App Disadvantages

1. Limited free data

The free plan only includes 10GB of monthly bandwidth.

2. Not as fast as some other VPNs

Windscribe VPN can be a bit slower than some other VPNs, but this is not a major issue for most users.

Windscribe VPN Speed Test

The performance of the OpenVPN protocol with Windscribe is one of its major drawbacks. I evaluated Windscribe’s performance by testing multiple VPN server locations around the world using a 160 Mbps baseline (non-VPN) connection.

Test 1

The “Best Location” connection option in the Windscribe VPN app should provide the fastest speeds. These were the outcomes:

Speed test with a nearby Windscribe VPN server in Germany for “Best Location”: 28 Mbps

The test result for the nearby server is not favorable, as it is not providing close to full capacity bandwidth.

Test 2

The next server I tried was a Windscribe server located in Switzerland, which provided even slower rates of about 18 Mbps.

Test 3

Additionally, I tested a couple of UK-based Windscribe servers, which provided me with speeds of roughly 30 Mbps.

If you are looking for a fast VPN for the UK, Windscribe is unlikely to meet your needs. There are likely better solutions available.

Windscribe VPN Rating


I recommend Windscribe VPN to anyone who is looking for a secure and affordable VPN. It is easy to use and offers a good range of features, including strong encryption, a no-logging policy, and a variety of server locations.

However, it is important to keep in mind its limitations, such as the limited free data and the lack of some advanced features.

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