Shazam vs SoundHound-Which App is Better?

Shazam and SoundHound are two popular apps for identifying music and media. This article compares their features, accuracy, speed, and usability to help you decide which music recognition app is best.

Shazam vs SoundHound

Here is an overview of the key features of Shazam and SoundHound:

Music Recognition AccuracyVery highVery high
Speed of RecognitionVery fastFast
Song LyricsYesYes
Playback StreamingYesYes
Offline RecognitionNoYes
Ad-free ExperienceNoYes, with paid subscription

Performance Comparison

Accuracy of song recognition95%90%
Time to identify songs3-5 seconds5-10 seconds

Price Comparison

ShazamFree with ads
SoundHoundFree with ads, $2.99/month ad-free

Advantages of Shazam

  • Faster song recognition
  • Slightly higher accuracy
  • Larger music catalog

Advantages of SoundHound

  • Offline recognition
  • Ad-free option
  • Identifies movies, TV shows, and other media

Which is better?

For super-fast music recognition, Shazam is superior.

For offline recognition and an ad-free experience, choose SoundHound.

Here’s a quick summary of which app is best for different needs:

AccuracySlightly betterGood
Ad-free experienceNoYes
Offline recognitionNoYes
Identify TV, movies, etcNoYes

Additional Considerations

  • Shazam can identify songs through voice commands, but SoundHound cannot
  • SoundHound has more language support options
  • Shazam provides more social sharing capabilities
  • Both apps have free and paid versions

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