Pinterest vs Instagram -which one is best?

Pinterest is better for businesses that want to generate traffic to a website and promote products or sales. At the same time, Instagram is better for businesses that want to build brand awareness and connect with a younger audience.

This article compares their features, audiences, advertising, and usage to help you determine which is better for your social media strategy.

Pinterest vs Instagram

Here is an overview of the key differences between Pinterest and Instagram:

Primary Content FormatImages, videos, PinsPhotos, short videos
Content OrganizationBoards and PinsGrid Feed, Stories, Reels
Audience DemographicsMostly women 25-54Very broad, skews younger
Ad TypesPromoted Pins, video adsPhoto ads, Stories ads, Reels ads
Shopping FeaturesStrong, “pinnable products”Instagram Shop, in-app checkout

Analytics and Insights

Monthly Active UsersOver 400 millionOver 1 billion
International ReachLower, more U.S. focusedMassive worldwide reach

Pricing for Advertising

Ad TypeCost per ClickCost per Impression
Pinterest$0.50 Average$0.10 – $0.30+
Instagram$1.00+ average$0.60+

Advantages of Pinterest

  • Inspirational browsing experience
  • Highly engaged, loyal user base
  • Strong commerce and shopping features

Advantages of Instagram

  • Larger overall audience
  • Popular with younger users
  • Powerful visual branding

Which App is better?

For product inspiration and digital shopping, Pinterest is best. Instagram is superior for visual branding and reaching a broad, youthful audience.

This table shows which app is preferable for different needs:

Shoppable contentYesYes
Growing capabilityLimitedGrowing
Brand visual storytellingYesYes
Reach women 25-54ModerateLimited
Reach under 25LimitedModerate

Additional Considerations

  • Pinterest launched TikTok-style short video features recently
  • Instagram has more ad placement options and detailed targeting
  • Both platforms provide robust analytics on posts and ads

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