OBD JScan Mod APK Download-Latest Version

OBD jscan is a professional-grade OBD2 scanner app for Android devices. It allows full diagnostics and troubleshooting of check engine issues by connecting to a car’s On-Board Diagnostics II (OBD2) port.

What is OBD JScan Mod APK?

OBD JScan mod APK is a modified version that unlocks all premium diagnostics features like live sensor data, customizable dashboards, graphing, data logging, etc. without a subscription. It provides full app functionality for free.

image showing OBD JScan mod apk screenshot

NameOBD JScan
Size170 Mb
RequiredAndroid 5.0+

Features of OBD JScan Mod APK

Here are some features of OBD JScan Apk:

  • Full diagnostics with 3000+ generic and manufacturer codes
  • Live sensor data, graphing, and logging
  • Customizable diagnostics dashboard
  • Readiness monitor tests and reset options
  • Advanced graphing and logging tools
  • Detailed vehicle profile and VIN decoder
  • Save report PDFs and Excel sheets
  • No ads or popups for a smooth experience
  • Free updates to the latest version
  • All future premium content is unlocked
  • Ad-free clean interface
  • Pro-level tools for professionals
  • Troubleshoot engine faults efficiently
  • Monitor vehicle sensors in real-time
  • Save on expensive scanner tools or subscriptions
  • Clear check engine lights easily
  • Compatible with all OBD-II vehicle models

How to Download and Install OBD jscan Mod APK

  1. Enable “Unknown Sources” on Android devices to allow third-party APKs.
  2. Download the latest OBD jscan mod APK from reliable sources online.
  3. Locate the APK and tap to begin the installation. Accept prompts.
  4. Launch the app after installation. Disable “Unknown Sources”.
  5. Connect your car’s OBD port and start diagnosing!
  6. Access all premium features without paying.

Tips for Using OBD jscan Mod

  • Always turn off the engine before connecting the scanner.
  • Allow all permissions required by the app.
  • Try both generic and enhanced OBD2 modes.
  • Clear fault codes after troubleshooting and repairs.
  • Export and email reports for review.
  • Stay updated with the latest APK version.
  • Provide feedback to developers on issues.


This article is intended for educational and informational purposes only. The use or installation of any third-party or modded APKs could potentially void your device’s warranty and should be done at your own risk.

The author does not promote illegal modding or distribution of unauthorized modified apps.


Can I damage my car by using OBD jscan mod APK?

When used properly, OBD2 scanner apps are safe to diagnose car issues. Just ensure to follow all instructions and only make changes you fully understand, to avoid accidentally worsening problems. The app itself does not make changes, it only reads data.

Can I use the OBD jscan mod on my iPhone?

No, OBD jscan mod APK can only be installed and used on Android smartphones and tablets as it is a tweaked Android application package. iPhones have a different iOS ecosystem.

Will I still receive app updates with the mod APK?

No, since it is an unofficial modified application, you may not receive official app updates or support from the developer. The mod APK may need updating from unknown sources.

Do I need an OBD2 adapter to use the app?

Yes, you need an OBD2 Bluetooth adapter or WiFi module to connect your Android device to the car’s onboard diagnostics port. The app won’t work standalone without the external OBD interface.

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