Media365 App-Features and Subscription Plan

The Media365 app is an online eBook library with over 500,000 eBooks in 17 languages. You can enjoy unlimited reading for 7 days free and get personalized recommendations.

If you enjoy reading eBooks, this app is perfect for you as it supports various formats, such as EPUB, MOBI, and PDF.

It also allows you to adjust the font size, brightness, and margins to make the reading experience more comfortable.

Media365 App Features

Here are some key features of the Media365 App:

1. Large eBook Library

This app has an extensive catalog of addictive romance novels, chilling thrillers, epic fantasy adventures, and more. Find your next great read across all genres.

2. Personalized Recommendations

Tell us your favorite genres and books, and its advanced algorithm will suggest hundreds of titles tailored just for you.

3. Text-to-Speech Technology

Don’t have time to sit and read? Convert any eBook into an audiobook with our AI-powered text-to-speech technology. Listen to books on the go while you drive, exercise, or multi-task.

4. Customizable Reading Experience

This app makes the books come alive with its immersive reading experience. Adjust font styles and sizes, tweak screen brightness, and use Eye Comfort or Night Mode for easy reading day or night.

5. Notes, Highlights, and Bookmarks

Never lose your place with bookmarks. Highlight memorable passages and take notes right in the eBook. Your highlights sync across devices so you can pick up exactly where you left off.

6. Multilingual Library

This Media365 eBook spans 17 languages from writers around the world. Find English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Hindi, Russian, Indonesian, and more books.

Media365 App Subscription Plans

Subscription TypeDurationPriceBenefits
7 Day Free Trial7 daysFreeAccess to the full catalog for 7 days
Monthly SubscriptionPer month$9.99Unlimited access, no ads, cancel anytime
Annual SubscriptionPer year$99 ($8.25/month)12 months of unlimited reading + 2 months free (best offer)

Media365 App Advantages

Here are some advantages of the Media365 App:

1. Massive Selection

Media365 has hundreds of thousands of eBooks available in every genre, ensuring that there is always something new to read. You can enjoy a large selection of books.

2. Personalized Discovery

Media365 app has smart algorithms that learn your tastes and suggest new books and authors you’ll be excited about. Effortless discovery.

3. Immersive Listening

From bestsellers to classics, our text-to-speech makes every book an audiobook. Catch up on reading while on the go.

4. Custom Reading Experience

Fine-tune fonts, colors, and modes for day or night reading. Adjust brightness. Make it perfect for your eyes.

5. Support Indie Authors

This app works with independent authors and publishers to offer exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else.

Media365 App Disadvantages

Here are some disadvantages of the Media365 App:

1. Subscription Required

After the 7-day free trial ends, a paid monthly or yearly subscription is required to keep reading.

2. Limited Selection

While extensive, this catalog doesn’t match the largest retailers with millions of titles.

3. Internet Connection Required

You need an internet connection for full access to browse and download eBooks. Offline mode has limits.

Related FAQs

Is Media365 Reader free?

Media365 Reader is not free. You can read all books in its catalog for free for 7 days, but after that, you need to subscribe to a premium plan.

What does Media 365 do?

Media365 is an online platform for eBooks where publishers and authors can reach over 1 million readers and earn extra revenue. Readers read more and pay less.

What is the Reader app?

The Reader app is a free app that allows you to read eBooks in different formats, including EPUB, MOBI, PDF, and others.

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