Kahoot Education App-Features, and Subscription Plan

Kahoot education app is an interactive learning platform that allows educators, trainers, and presenters to create and share interactive quizzes, surveys, and discussions. This app revolutionizes the learning experience by combining gamification, collaboration, and competition. Its interactive quizzes and engaging features make learning enjoyable and effective for students of all ages.


How Does Kahoot Work?

Kahoot operates through a simple and user-friendly interface. Educators can create quizzes or choose from a vast library of pre-existing quizzes on various subjects. Multiple-choice questions, true or false statements, and even riddles may be included in these tests. A special code issued by the host is used by participants to access the quizzes. After everyone has connected, the quiz starts with questions that are shown on a shared screen, and participants respond to them using their individual devices.

Features of the Kahoot Education App

The Kahoot app offers a wide range of features that make it a popular choice among educators and learners. Let’s explore some of the key features:

1. Interactive Quizzes and Assessments

Kahoot! allows users to create and participate in interactive quizzes and assessments. With a vast library of pre-existing quizzes or the option to create custom quizzes, users can test their knowledge on various subjects in a fun and engaging way.

2. Gamification and Competition

One of the standout features of Kahoot! is its gamified approach. Participants earn points for correct answers, and their progress is displayed on a leaderboard, fostering a sense of competition and motivation to excel.

3. Collaboration and Team-Based Learning

Kahoot! encourages collaboration and teamwork through its team-based learning feature. Participants can join forces in groups, working together to answer questions and solve challenges, promoting cooperative learning and communication skills.

4. Multimedia Integration

The app supports multimedia integration, allowing users to enhance their quizzes with images, videos, and even music. This feature adds visual and auditory elements to the learning experience, making it more immersive and engaging.

5. Real-Time Feedback and Analytics

Kahoot! provides real-time feedback to participants, instantly displaying correct answers and explanations. This immediate feedback helps reinforce learning and enables participants to track their progress and areas for improvement. Educators can also access analytics to gain insights into student performance and engagement.

6. Customization Options

Users have the flexibility to customize their quizzes and assessments to align with specific learning objectives and preferences. They can choose from different question types, set timers, adjust point values, and personalize the overall look and feel of their Kahoot! experience.

7. Integration with Learning Management Systems

Kahoot! seamlessly integrates with various Learning Management Systems (LMS), allowing educators to incorporate it into their existing teaching platforms. This integration streamlines the process of creating and assigning quizzes, tracking student progress, and generating comprehensive reports.

Features of Kahoot

Topics Kahoot App Covered

The Kahoot! app covers a wide range of topics and subjects, making it a versatile tool for various educational purposes. Some of the common areas that the app covers include:

1. Academic subjects

Kahoot! can be used to create quizzes and assessments for subjects such as mathematics, science, language arts, history, geography, and more. It allows educators to test students’ knowledge and understanding of specific topics within these subjects.

2. Language learning:

The app can be utilized to reinforce language learning by creating quizzes that focus on vocabulary, grammar, listening comprehension, and other language skills. It provides an interactive and engaging way for language learners to practice and assess their proficiency.

3. STEM education

Kahoot! supports the creation of quizzes related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) topics. Educators can design quizzes that promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and logical reasoning within these disciplines.

4. Professional development

The app extends its use beyond traditional classrooms and can be employed in professional development settings. It allows trainers and organizations to create quizzes and assessments to enhance employees’ knowledge and skills in specific areas.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence Kahoots give players an immersive and engaging way to learn more about the subject. Players can be tested on terms, skills, restrictions, and important concepts by hosts.

6. Space Exploration

Space exploration is a really cool Kahoot topic that both kids and adults can enjoy. You can use Infiscope to make it even more fun and interactive. Infiscope is a project that lets players explore space and get excited about it. You may find out about solar system objects, take a virtual tour of Mars, and learn interesting facts about eclipses. To challenge individuals to travel diverse worlds is yet another fantastic idea.

7. Sales and Marketing

A sales and marketing Kahoot is a great way to help team members remember things better. It’s like playing a game, so it feels fun and not like regular training. When we have fun while learning, we remember things more easily. With a sales and marketing Kahoot, we can learn quickly instead of watching long demos or tutorial videos.

The examples above are just a few of the topics that Kahoot! the app can cover. Because of its flexibility, educators, trainers, and presenters can make tests and assessments on a variety of topics to suit the individual requirements and preferences of their audience.

Kahoot Education App Subscription Plan

Subscription PlanPrice (per month)Features
Kahoot! FreeFree– Create and play interactive quizzes and assessments
– Gamification and competition features
– Collaboration and team-based learning
– Real-time feedback and analytics
– Multimedia integration
– Customization options
– Accessibility features
– Mobile and web compatibility
– Engaging presentations and events
Kahoot! Plus$10– All features of Kahoot! Free
– Advanced analytics and reporting
– Collaboration tools for co-creation
– Option to brand quizzes with custom logos
– Priority support
Kahoot! Pro$20– Create and play interactive quizzes and assessments
– Gamification and competition features
– Collaboration and team-based learning
– Real-time feedback and analytics
– Multimedia integration
– Customization options
– Accessibility features
– Mobile and web compatibility
– Engaging in presentations and events

Advantages of Kahoot App

1. Engaging Learning Experience

Kahoot! transforms learning into an interactive and engaging experience. The gamified approach, real-time feedback, and competitive nature of the quizzes motivate students to actively participate and enhance their knowledge retention.

2. Promotes Active Participation

Kahoot! encourages all students to participate actively. Learning is entertaining and promotes a sense of teamwork and participation because to the platform’s interactive quizzes, team-based learning, and multimedia integration.

3. Versatility Across Education Settings

Kahoot! can be used in various educational settings, including traditional classrooms, online learning environments, and corporate training programs. Its adaptability makes it a valuable tool for educators, trainers, and presenters.

Disadvantages of Kahoot! App

1. Limited Assessment Types

While Kahoot! supports various question types, it may not be suitable for all types of assessments. Educators seeking more complex assessment formats or detailed open-ended responses may need to explore additional tools or methods.

2. Potential Distraction

Students may occasionally become more focused on the game aspect of Kahoot! quizzes rather than the learning content because of their interactive and competitive nature. To maintain the main focus on the learning objectives, educators must find a balance.

3. Reliance on Technology

Kahoot! is dependent on technology, including internet connectivity and access to devices. Technical issues, such as internet outages or device malfunctions, can disrupt the learning experience.

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Related FAQs

How many questions are on Kahoot for free?

The free version of Kahoot allows you to create and play quizzes with up to 10 questions.

How do I upload a Kahoot for free?

To create and upload a Kahoot for free, you can sign up for a free account on the Kahoot website and use their platform to create your quiz.

Can you create a Kahoot quiz without an account?

No, you need to create an account on Kahoot to be able to create and save your own quizzes.

Can students play Kahoot alone?

Yes, students can play Kahoot alone by accessing the game on their devices. However, Kahoot is often used as a group activity to enhance engagement and collaboration.

Is Kahoot free for teachers?

Yes, Kahoot offers a free version for teachers, allowing them to create and use quizzes in their classrooms without any cost.

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