Feedly vs Flipboard-Which App is Better?

Feedly is better for users who want a simple, text-focused reading experience with easy customization options and a wider range of integrations with other apps, while Flipboard is better for users who want a more visually appealing, magazine-style interface with more niche topic discovery.

This article compares their features, content, pricing, and experience to help you pick the better news aggregator app.

Feedly vs Flipboard

Here is the key difference between Feedly and Flipboard:

Content Sources2,500+ blogs and websitesThousands of magazines, blogs, etc
Content FormatsArticles, videos, podcastsArticles, videos, slideshows
PersonalizationTopics and sources for custom feedMagazines on any topic
Mobile AppFull functionalityFull functionality
Offline ReadingYes, save content for laterYes, download magazines

Price Comparison

Free VersionFull app accessFull app access
Premium Version$5.41/month – additional features$3.99/month – ad-free

Key Advantages of Feedly

  • Simple, text-focused reading experience
  • Easy to organize favorite topics and sources
  • Affordable premium version

Key Advantages of Flipboard

  • More visually engaging, magazine-style
  • Covers more niche topics and interests
  • Digital page-flipping navigation

Which app is better?

For a straightforward, customizable news reader: Feedly

For flashy visual news browsing on unique topics: Flipboard

Here’s a summary of which app works best for different needs:

Simple interfaceYesNo
Visual appealNoYes
Niche topic discoveryLimitedYes
Offline readingYesYes
Free version full functionalityYesYes

Additional Considerations

  • Feedly integrates with Google Reader and Twitter
  • Flipboard has more global/international content
  • Both apps are frequently updated with new features

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