10 Best Apps For Tesla to Enhance Driving Experience

Owning a Tesla comes with many perks. Cutting-edge technology, instant torque, and free over-the-air software updates that continuously improve your driving experience. While Tesla’s built-in software is impressive.

These apps allow you to get even more out of your electric vehicle. Here are the top 10 applications to upgrade your Tesla.

  • TeslaFi
  • Stats
  • Remote S
  • Teslamate
  • Waze & Spotify
  • Charge way
  • AutoSock
  • Stats for Model S/X
  • Teslabout
  • TezLab

Best Apps For Tesla

Here are Best Apps For Tesla to Enhance Driving Experience:

1. TeslaFi

One of the most popular apps for Tesla vehicles is TeslaFi. This app connects to your Tesla account and vehicle API to provide detailed stats and analysis about your driving and vehicle.

It tracks details like energy usage, mileage, location history, and more. The app provides charts and graphs so you can visualize your data. If you want to monitor every aspect of your Tesla, TeslaFi is a must-have.

I’ve been using TeslaFi for 6 months now and it’s amazing to see the data on my driving habits and how factors like speed and climate affect my battery usage.

2. Stats

For Tesla owners who want to monitor their vehicle’s data directly on their iPhone or iPad, Stats is the perfect app. It provides information like charging stats, trip logs, and battery temperature.

You can also compare different drives and get monthly reports. If you want a simple, native-feeling Tesla stats app for your iOS device, Stats is a top choice.

3. Remote S

One of the most useful features of owning a Tesla is the ability to control your vehicle remotely through the mobile app. But Remote S gives you even more functionality for remotely accessing your Tesla.

The app allows you to do things like schedule charging sessions, lock/unlock doors, flashlights, and activate the horn, and turn signals remotely. It also gives you real-time vehicle data.

4. Teslamate

Tesla drivers who want maximum insights and control via their vehicle data need Teslamate. This open-source app lets you build a database of information from your vehicle.

It gives you dashboards, analytics, and tools to micro-manage every aspect of your Tesla.

Some of the features include cost analysis, battery predictions, degradation tracking, and efficiency profiles. It’s ideal for the most tech-savvy Tesla owners.

5. Waze & Spotify

Two must-have apps for any Tesla owner are Waze and Spotify. These popular apps integrate seamlessly with the Tesla touchscreen for ultimate convenience.

Waze provides real-time navigation and traffic updates powered by a robust crowdsourced database.

Spotify allows instant access to millions of songs, podcasts, and more. Both apps help make your drive more pleasant and productive.

6. Charge way

Understanding the different EV charging networks and connectors can be confusing. Chargeway solves this problem with its unique app.

It provides visual guides to all the charging plugs and networks so you can easily identify them.

It also has maps to find stations, payment guides, and real-time status info for networks. Chargeway takes the headache out of charging your Tesla away from home.

7. AutoSock

Driving in cold or snowy conditions requires special tires on a Tesla. But you may not want dedicated snow tires for milder climates. That’s where AutoSock comes in handy.

These stretchy fabric sleeves slip over your tires to give the grip of snow tires when needed.

The AutoSock app adds Bluetooth connectivity to monitor installation. It provides peace of mind that your tires are ready for winter weather.

8. Stats for Model S/X

For Tesla owners with older Model S or Model X vehicles, the Stats app provides all the key driving data and analysis you need.

It connects directly to your vehicle’s API to monitor usage stats, battery stats, trip logs, vampire drain, and more.

The app also allows you flexibility to customize the data you see. If you want to keep close tabs on an older Tesla model, Stats is the go-to app choice.

9. Teslabout

Teslabout calls itself the most comprehensive app for Model 3 vehicles. It provides detailed analytical stats on your EV.

But it goes beyond driving data to also give useful tools like home charging cost analysis, manual and voice controls, service booking, roadside assistance, and more. Teslabout bills itself as an all-in-one app with handy features for daily use.

10. TezLab

For a powerful app that combines stats, controls, tools, and community, TezLab is a top choice. It shows efficiency scores, battery stats, and driving profiles.

You also get remote controls, scheduling, voice commands, and Tesla service features.

TezLab sets itself apart with a social network component for connecting with other owners. If you want in-depth stats combined with a community app, TezLab delivers.

There are a ton of alternatives for enhancing your Tesla EV, and these 10 apps barely scratch the surface. Apps bring features much beyond the Tesla software’s built-in capabilities, from thorough driving analytics to remote vehicle controls and social connections.

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