Top 10 Best Apps for Learning English Grammar 2024

Learning proper English grammar is essential for effective communication, whether you’re a native speaker or learning English as a second language. With grammar apps, you can study on-the-go and reinforce your language skills.

Based on features, user feedback, and efficacy, this article will examine the 10 best apps for learning English grammar in 2023.

  • Grammar Games by McGraw Hill
  • Duolingo
  • Busuu
  • English Grammar Test
  • Perfect Tense
  • Grammarly
  • English Grammar Test Pro
  • Grammar and Punctuation Checker by Ginger
  • Grammar Pop
  • Learn English Grammar

Best Apps for Learning English Grammar

Here are the Top 10 Best Apps for Learning English Grammar in 2023:

1. Grammar Games by McGraw Hill

This is the first English Grammar learning app. With its cute characters, word games, and quizzes, Grammar Games makes learning grammar fun. This free app covers the parts of speech, punctuation, capitalization, and more.

Explanations are clear and concise. You can track your progress, earn rewards, and practice with over 1,000 questions.

The app also has audio for listening practice. Grammar Games is great for kids and adults who want a bite-sized, engaging way to learn grammar.

2. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the most popular language learning apps, with over 300 million users worldwide. The English for Spanish Speakers course on Duolingo covers grammar topics like verbs, pronouns, prepositions, and sentence structure.

Bite-sized lessons and fun exercises make learning interactive. Earn points and level up as you progress.

Duolingo is suitable for beginners and more advanced learners. The app offers grammar tips and explains errors to reinforce concepts.

3. Busuu

With a community of over 100 million learners, Busuu takes an interactive approach to grammar acquisition. The app’s AI-powered tutor assesses your level and creates a personalized study plan.

Build your skills through vocabulary lessons, short courses, and grammar exercises with immediate grading. Explanations for grammar topics are detailed.

Upgrading to premium allows access to more in-depth lessons and features. Users praise the social aspect of Busuu. You can chat with native speakers through the app.

4. English Grammar Test

English Grammar Test has over 700 multiple-choice questions covering tenses, clauses, direct/indirect speech, and more. Questions increase in difficulty across 100 levels.

Explanations for correct and incorrect answers help cement understanding. Keep track of your score history and average time per test to monitor progress.

The app also has over 60 grammar lessons with clear charts and examples. This is one of the top-ranked grammar apps for self-assessment.

5. Perfect Tense

Perfect Tense lives up to its name with interactive exercises on verb tenses. This free app covers simple tenses like present, past, and future, and expands to perfect, progressive, and perfect progressive.

Work your way up through hard tenses like present perfect continuous. Exercises involve selecting the right tense for sentences and conjugating verbs properly.

Clear explanations are given for each question. Perfect Tense also provides grammar lessons if you need a refresher on concepts.

6. Grammarly

Grammarly is not strictly an app, Grammarly’s browser extension and web/mobile keyboard are invaluable grammar tools. Grammarly checks your writing for 400+ grammar rules on the fly, catching errors involving verbs, pronouns, prepositions, and more.

Click on any underlined text for an explanation and correction. Grammarly provides a detailed overview of your grammar mistakes so that you can learn from them.

Upgrade to Premium to get vocab and readability suggestions. Grammarly is essential for proofreading emails, essays, and formal writing.

7. English Grammar Test Pro

For advanced grammar study, English Grammar Test Pro has over 900 assessment questions to challenge learners. Questions cover verb tenses, modals, conditionals, and more at the intermediate to advanced level.

Keep track of your results by topic and grade level as you progress through the app. Each test provides an explanation of why answers were right or wrong.

With scores of tests and questions, this app offers tons of practice for building strong grammar. The app costs $4.99 but many learners find it a worthwhile investment.

8. Grammar and Punctuation Checker by Ginger

Ginger’s AI-powered app goes beyond basic grammar checks with features like sentence rephrasing. The Grammar and Punctuation Checker scans your writing for 200+ grammar mistakes regarding nouns, verbs, adjectives, and more.

Click on the underlined text for corrections, explanations, and tips for proper usage. The sentence rephrase tool helps you express ideas more clearly.

The app also offers word choice and meaning suggestions to improve your writing style. While basic use is free, a subscription with advanced tools is available.

9. Grammar Pop

Looking for a quick, entertaining approach to improve your grammar? Grammar Pop fits the bill with its whack-a-mole style game. As parts of speech like pronouns and conjunctions float up from holes, tap them to pop them and gain points.

Each hit word corresponds to a question about grammar that must be answered correctly to move forward.

Play Classic mode or opt for the highspeed Blitz mode for an added challenge. With levels organized by difficulty and cute graphics, Grammar Pop makes learning grammar and vocabulary enjoyable.

10. Learn English Grammar

For those desiring a comprehensive grammar learning app, Learn English Grammar by the British Council is a great choice. The free app offers over 150 lessons and 1,200 questions on grammar forms and structures.

Lessons cover a breadth of beginner and intermediate topics explained through text, images, and audio.

After each lesson, you can test your knowledge with relevant exercises and track your progress. Questions also explain why an answer is correct or incorrect.

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