Airbrush vs FaceTune 2-Which one is better?

Airbrush and FaceTune 2 are two of the most popular photo editing apps for portrait retouching and beautification.

This article compares the key features, strengths, and weaknesses of each app to help you decide which is better for your needs.

Airbrush vs FaceTune 2

Here are the key differences between Airbrush and FaceTune 2:

FeatureAirbrushFaceTune 2
Photo FiltersYesNo
Shape EditorYesYes
Teeth WhiteningYesYes
Blur ToolYesNo
Blemish RemoverYesYes
Red Eye RemoverYesNo
Skin SmoothingYesYes
Wrinkle RemoverNoYes
Face SlimmingNoYes
Makeup EditorYesYes
Portrait EditorNoYes
Skin PatchNoYes
Eye EnhancingNoYes
Face SwapNoYes

Price Comparison

AirbrushFreeiOS and Android
FaceTune 2$3.99iOS only

Advantages of Airbrush

  • Easier to use with one-tap presets
  • Available on both iOS and Android
  • Lower cost

Advantages of FaceTune 2

  • More advanced and precise editing tools
  • Excellent for detailed portrait retouching
  • Very intuitive and user-friendly

Which App Is Better?

Airbrush is better for casual users looking for quick easy touch-ups. FaceTune 2 is recommended for users wanting more advanced editing capabilities for professional results.

FaceTune 2 is considered the best app overall for detailed portrait editing despite the higher price and iOS-only availability.

Here is a table showing which app is better for different needs:

NeedAirbrushFaceTune 2
Quick and easy photo editingYesNo
Removing blemishesYesYes
Whitening teethYesYes
Adding makeupYesYes
Reshaping facial featuresYesYes
Precise photo retouchingNoYes
Enhancing portraitsNoYes
Fun and creative photo editingYesNo

Additional Considerations

  • Updates-Both apps are updated regularly with new features
  • User Support-Airbrush and FaceTune 2 offer in-app tutorials and online support

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