10 Meal Planning Apps For Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet has soared in popularity in recent years. This high-fat, low-carb way of eating can be challenging to maintain without the right tools.

Keto apps make it easier to track macros, log meals, discover recipes, and more. With so many options, how do you choose the right one for your needs? Here is an overview of the top keto apps for 2023.

Key Features of Keto Apps

Here are a few features of Keto Apps:

  • Macro tracking – Calculate personalized carb, protein, and fat goals.
  • Food database – Search nutritional info for common foods. Larger databases make logging easier.
  • Recipe finder – Discover keto-friendly recipes and meal plans.
  • Progress tracking – Log weight, measurements, and other stats to monitor progress.
  • Community support – Forums and social features help keep you motivated.
  • Barcode scanner – Scan food labels for quick logging.
  • Customization – Adjustable macro ratios, food preferences, etc.

Best Keto Diet Apps

Here are the best Meal Planning Apps For Keto Diet:

1. Carb ManagerFor Beginners

Carb Manager is ideal for keto newcomers. It calculates your macros and has a simple food-logging interface. The huge database makes tracking easy. Features like guided onboarding, meal plans, and recipes help beginners stick to the diet. It lacks some customization options better apps have.

Pros: Simple to use, enormous food database, helpful for beginners.

Cons: Limited customization options.

2. MyMacros+ – For Customization

MyMacros+ is the most customizable app reviewed. You can finely tune your macros, change food preferences, create custom meals and recipes, and more. The extensive settings may overwhelm beginners. But dieters who want to tailor everything will appreciate this app.

Pros: Extremely customizable, great tracking features, and food database.

Cons: Steep learning curve for beginners.

3. Senza – For Simplicity

Senza stands out for its user-friendly minimalist design. Despite the simple interface, it offers good macro calculations and tracking. Food logging and recipe features are more limited compared to other apps. But if you want an easy-to-use macro tracker, Senza delivers.

Pros: Simple, intuitive interface. Easy to use.

Cons: Smaller food database and fewer features.

4. Total Keto Diet – For Low-Carb Diets

This app offers tracking tailored to a wider range of low-carb and ketogenic diets. If you’re following a specific keto program like Atkins or Eco-Atkins, this app can help you customize your goals. It also includes recipes, meal plans, and educational content.

Pros: Customizable for various low-carb diets, and educational content.

Cons: Some users find the interface dated.

5. KetoDiet – For Comprehensive Tracking

Serious keto devotees who want in-depth tracking will appreciate KetoDiet. It offers the ability to log everything from calories to vitamins and minerals.

The recipe builder and meal planner make it easy to plan balanced keto meals. This app excels at nutrient tracking but lacks some community features.

Pros: Comprehensive nutrition tracking, recipes, and meal planning.

Cons: No community forums or social features.

6. Wholesome Yum – For Inspiration

This app focuses less on logging and more on recipes to keep your keto diet interesting. Browse thousands of restaurant-quality keto recipes from the Wholesome Yum food blog. Inspiration for every meal is at your fingertips. But you’ll need a separate app for macro tracking.

Pros: Amazing keto recipes, and meal inspiration.

Cons: No tracking features.

7. Real Plans – For Families

Real Plans helps you stick to any diet as a family. Get customized meal plans, grocery lists, and cooking instructions. Substitute ingredients based on food preferences and allergies. While not exclusively for keto, it works well for households eating low-carb.

Pros: Meal planning for families, shopping lists, instructions.

Cons: General healthy eating focus, not keto-specific.

8. Eat This Much – For Meal Planning

This meal-generating app creates a custom keto meal plan based on your macro goals. If you struggle to plan low-carb meals, Eat This Much handles the planning for you. The downsides are a small recipe database and limited food logging capacity.

Pros: Auto-generates meal plans and shopping lists.

Cons: Small recipe selection, poor food database.

9. Mealime – For Simplicity

Mealime makes sticking to keto effortless. Choose from ready-made low-carb meal plans tailored to your diet. The app generates a grocery list you can take straight to the store. However, you can’t customize macros or recipes.

Pros: Super easy keto meal planning.

Cons: No customization options or macro tracking.

10. Cozi – For Families

Cozi helps families organize schedules, to-do lists, shopping lists, and recipes in one place. The app won’t track your macros, but it can help you plan and grocery shop for keto meals. Handy for busy families trying to stick to the diet together.

Pros: Shared family meal planning calendar.

Cons: No keto-specific features.

Choosing the Right Keto App

With so many apps to choose from, decide what your top priorities are:

  • Beginners should opt for an easy macro tracker like Carb Manager.
  • Experienced keto dieters may prefer comprehensive trackers like KetoDiet.
  • Customization options appeal to people who want to tweak macros or meal plans.
  • Busy families need meal planning and organization like Real Plans or Cozi provides.
  • Recipe inspiration from apps like Wholesome Yum prevents diet boredom.

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